I’m proud of training people during my time working for Harry in Vancouver Pacific Center.
Feb 13, 2000 Viki a new emigrant from China come to working as apprentice. She was an mechanic Engineer, non experience in tailoring. She learning very fast not only to do alterations ,but must important to help me to manage the tailor shop. To day she working there as Had tailor assistant.

July 13 -2002- Joan also new emigrant from China come to working as apprentice -previous job nurse. She learn fast, and as Viki learn how to manage a tailor shop. To day work for the same company as Had tailor in Oakridge store.

I working for Harry 32 hours weekly wile working at home doing Bespoke suit. 2005 bring my hours to 24. Viki take in care the shop.
2006 a tailor come working , he learning from his father who was tailor .
I help him to take my place , 2008 he become had tailor in Pacific Center ,I reduce again my hours to 16 weekly, and spent my time to help workers improve quality and production.

June 2009 Galina who working for harry since 1985 do alterations in any garment in her time come see me at home to learn how do extend alteration as Re-cut a jacket or pant:she learn a lot also she is very good for had tailor . She continue working for Harry.

Dec 17-2009. Hao, Jong Chinese emigrant come working as apprentice, he never had see a tailor shop, I teach him how use the needle and the sewing machine , First two hours practice in the serge machine than he start to do the serge on pant bottom, two day […]