#3- Tips for a M.T.M. Specialist

To those M.T.M specialist and sale person .
Was more correct to say ( Special Stock) what they sale.

M.T.M suit is done by a master tailor the most important steps are:
* Measurement
* Noting the posture
* Making the personal pattern
* Fitting the jacket 3 times

_ First fitting : pocket no done
_ Second “‘ ” : front and pocket done, sides, shoulders, under collar and sleeves imbasted.
_ Third fitting : Sides and shoulders done, Under collar ,pad shoulders and sleeves imbasted.

on delivery checks the measurements
* Sleeves and coat length *Point to point shoulders
* Half back *Half waist * correct the pattern, the nex suit can be done with the first fitting only or non.

Tips # 2 to help a good result for a M.T.M, saled by sales, done by a Manifacture

Aug. 28 /2014 . I try to give some advice to sales person regarding how important is the observation of costumer posture during measurement.

Was not my intention criticise any manufacture or compare their work, nor to compare with the M.T.M. done by a tailor whom not need my advice.

I like to add a another suggestion : Take all way the measure of the Neck.( that measurement save the Re-Cut the jacket wen costumer as: jacket size 54 ( 43″ ) Neck 15. 1/2 Long Neck ( normal 17)

Tips for a Made to Measure

Recently I Re-Cut a very exspencer suit made T.M. from the best brand name .
Which cost goes from $ 3.000.00 to $12.000.00 .
Most them problem was : big on front, small on back, others out of balance.

Both problem comes from wrong measurement.
and must important no communication with whom cutting the suit regarding customer posture.

To avoid Re-Cut :
A salesperson should contact the Desig. of the manufacturer and ask how he want the measurement be taken ( Design not use all the same way)
Observe the costumer posture as: Erect, Stoop, Sloop shoulder, Low shoulder,Flat Chest, Pigeon Chest, Flat seat , Prominent seat, Hip hig, + take 3 picture : front, back, and side.
Sleeves length from shoulder center seam, the inside measurement only in repeat order.